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My name is C. Jennifer Morrison and I love creating. I am a freelance artist who specializes in nothing but works in everything. I have worked in traditional art mediums, digital forms, textiles, web design, video editing, and crafting. You name it, I've tried it, and if I haven't, then I want to. I have been an artist all my life but have been working as an art instructor for the last three years and in freelance graphics, web and illustration for the last 15 years. See my stuff!

About Me

C. Jennifer Morrison
I live in Canada with my husband, three children, four cats and three rats. When I am not teaching or working on freelance projects I enjoy guitar, ukulele, sewing, sketching, doodling, camping, making short movies, baking, playing hockey and or course, trying new things. I always have many projects on the go and always several more ideas waiting in the queue.

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Safety Detectives Kookaburra Abstract
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